Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blue Lobster Nike SB Dunks - Official Preview Picture

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Just minutes ago these were posted, which will be released at Concepts on June 20th. Making sure to keep you guys updated as best as we can we present to you the first official image of the Blue Lobster Nike SB Dunks, just incase you didnt watch the previously posted video all the way through.
As you can clearly see the theme is pretty much the same as the original Lobster Nike SB Dunks, just in blue this time. We reported that the sneakers would release with a pack of goodies at Concepts but sources are now telling us that this will not be a Concepts exclusive. Just like the original Lobster SB Dunks Concepts will host a release party and release some exclusive packs while a handful of other Nike SB retailers will receive the sneakers at a later date.